Curative treatment of wood is more than effective material maintenance: the latest Wolman products enable modern, consumer-friendly wood preservation.

Diffusit® IC-B

A liquid preservative based on boron compounds. Curatively effective against wood-destroying insects, with the exception of termites, while also working preventively against insects and fungi.

Application fields

Used to combat insects in wood in covered structures. Diffusit IC-B is ready to use.

Application methods

Diffusit IC-B is suitable for brushing and spraying, borehole impregnation and borehole pressure impregnation, as well as for injection and foaming processes.

Diffusit® M

A mould barrier based on boron compounds and boric acid, used to prevent dry rot penetrating masonry.

Application fields

Used for the restoration of masonry composed of clay bricks, concrete or natural stone that has been infested by dry rot. Diffusit M is a water-soluble preservative which has to be diluted for use.

Application methods

The solution is applied by brushing, spraying, flooding, borehole impregnation and borehole pressure impregnation.

Use wood preservatives safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


Dry rot in stairs

Wet rot

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