Protection of wood-based materials

The building and construction industry uses significant amounts of wood-based panels, especially particle boards, OSB (“Oriented Strand Board“) and plywood, but also fibre boards, used as insulation panels, for instance.

Besides correct application of the materials, their preventive treatment against fungal and insect infestation is among the most effective measures for preventing later structural damage.

In unfavourable conditions, wood-based materials can be destroyed by fungi in the same way as the original wood types they are made from. .

Other fungi which can attack wood-based materials as sapstain and mould. Increasing insulation levels in modern buildings combined with incorrect ventilation methods can increase the occurrence of problems with mould.

Due to the specific structure of particle boards and OSB, there is, according to EN 335-3, no risk of infestation by wood-destroying insects. Termites are the only possible exception here, though they mainly occur in tropical regions, southern Europe and the South of France. 

Plywood, however, is subject to infestation by wood-destroying insects, including termites, though the risk of infestation depends on the region.


Whether Wolsit®, Diffusit® or Xyligen® - Wolman can provide optimum protection, whatever the demands on your wood-based materials.

Treatment processes

As a rule, preservatives for protecting wood-based materials are added to the resin binder in the glue-line treatment process. Surface treatment processes are also used to protect against wood-staining fungi.


Wood-based panels