Application processes

There are a range of different industrial processes used for the protection of wood-based materials.

Glue-line treatment process

A process used for protection against wood-destroying fungi and insects, including termites.

A safe, simple and effective process, which involves adding the preservative to the resin binder. This resin-preservative mixture is then, in the usual way, sprayed onto the particles (particle, OSB and fibre boards) or applied to the veneer by rollers (plywood, veneered laminated boards).

For particle, OSB and fibre boards, the preservative can also be applied separately from the glue or added to another bonding component, such as the wax emulsion. Compatibility with the component has to be verified in each case.

Surface treatment

A process to protect against mould.

Surface treatment involves the preservative being sprayed onto the boards or applied by rollers. The quantity of preservative applied and its concentration depend on the type of material, the absorbency of the surface and the infestation risk.


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