Maintenance products

Like everything else, wood needs care, especially when it is exposed to the elements. WOLWAX REFRESH gives your wood the care and protection it needs.


WOLWAX REFRESH is a ready-to-use, wax-based, aqueous hydrophobing agent for regular maintenance and for protecting treated wood from the elements. WOLWAX REFRESH is available in colourless clear or pigmented versions. The coloured versions also provide additional protection for the wood surface by preventing it from greying.

Application fields

WOLWAX REFRESH is used to treat patio timbers and facades, but is equally suited for use on carports, plant containers, fences and many others. WOLWAX REFRESH creates a dirt and water-repellent surface without changing the wood’s natural appearance.

Application methods

WOLWAX REFRESH is applied easily by brushing. For timbers susceptible to sapstain, such as larch, we recommend treatment with an anti-sapstain undercoat before applying WOLWAX REFRESH.
We recommend carrying out this treatment every 1-2 years, depending on necessity.

Wolmanit® C&T

Wolmanit C&T is a ready-to-use wood preservative for the preventive treatment of cross cut ends in timbers impregnated with Wolmanit CX.

Application fields

Correctly implemented vacuum pressure treatment of timbers for outdoor applications with Wolmanit CX preservative will ensure the wood attains a reliable level of protection against wood destroying fungi and insects. In later use, the wood is often cut to size, drilled or notched, thus exposing unprotected areas. To guarantee lasting protection, these newly exposed areas must subsequently be treated with Wolmanit C&T.

Wolmanit C&T colours the wood green, a similar colour to that of wood treated with Wolmanit CX. For brown treated timbers, pigmented versions are also available.

Application methods

Wolmanit C&T should be applied generously to the surfaces to be treated.