Vacuum Pressure Impregnation

Whether palisades, pergolas, carports or playground apparatus – wood needs protection. Particularly when used outdoors in constant contact with earth or water, our indigenous, relatively low durability wood types are at risk from fungi, insects and the elements. Vacuum pressure impregnation can provide lasting protection for these types of timbers..

You can find extensive information on wood destroying fungi and insects in our Infocenter Wood.


Modern wood treatment places high demands on research and technology. This is because preservatives today need to be both effective and environmentally friendly. The Wolman range can justifiably claim to fulfil both these requirements. 

Wolmanit®  CX - or  Wolsit®  KD - products. The right solution for every application. 

Innovative Wolman preservatives provided the basis for lasting wood protection. Water-repellent additives and colourings turn standard wood preservation merchandise into premium products of the highest quality.


The structure of wood is similar to that of a sponge, with cell cavities and cell walls, which represent the actual wood. The aim of wood preservation is to coat these walls with preservative to protect them from decay caused by wood-destroying fungi and insects.
The preservative penetrates deep into the wood with the aid of pressure and a vacuum. First the vacuum removes the air from the cavities to create space for the preservative solution, which is then forced deep into the wood under high pressure.

Depending on the wood type, the intended application or the wood’s moisture level, different variations of the vacuum pressure process can be used.

- Vacuum Pressure Process   - for dry timbers (with moisture levels below fibre saturation point)

- Oscillating pressure process   - for wet timbers

- Double vacuum process   - for timbers needing to maintain dimensional stability

- Lowry process   - an economical process

- Royal process   - the refining process for vacuum pressure treated timbers

Care of treated wood

Do you want to treat the cross cut ends of your impregnated timbers or freshen up the colours of the wooden structures? Here's where you will find the right products.


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Vacuum pressure impregnation
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