Wood is an attractive and decorative material which is potentially at risk from wood-staining fungi from the time it is cut at the saw mill until it is treated. This can result in blue or black stains on the wood's surface, leading to a loss in value and rendering it unsuitable for high-quality, decorative uses on buildings, in gardens and furniture.

You can find more information on wood-staining fungi in our Infocenter wood.


Sinesto® and Wolsin® FL products provide wood with reliable protection against sapstain and other wood-staining fungi, such as mould. 
We will be glad to offer you advice on the selection of products best suited to your requirements and treatment processes.

Treatment Processes

Freshly cut wood, such as side lumber and boules, is usually treated in by dipping or in a spray tunnel.
In these processes, the preservatives penetrate the wood by means of capillary forces and diffusion or through the hydrostatic pressure of the liquid preservative in the dipping tank.


Steamed beech - highly susceptible to sapstain

Wolman anti-sapstain - the modern preservative for wooden pallets, too