Durability of different wood types

The standard EN 350-2 "Natural durability of solid wood" lists the natural durability of selected wood species of importance in Europe against wood-destroying fungi, drywood-destroying beetles, termites and wood pests in sea water. Natural durability against wood-destroying fungi is categorised in five durability classes:

Durability class 1 - highly durable
Durability class 2 - durable
Durability class 3 - moderately durable
Durability class 4 - slightly durable
Durability class 5 - non-durable.

The durability classes of the most important coniferous and deciduous wood types are listed as follows:

Sapwood of all wood species is principally non-durable. The heartwood of most native species of wood is only moderately or slightly durable and requires special protection against wood-destroying organisms, particularly when used in outdoor applications (with and without ground contact).


A cooling tower with coniferous wood
reliably protected in the vacuum pressure process