With its fire protection products from the product range Interdens® and Exterdens® Wolman offers a variety of different intumescent materials, which will make it possible to find an optimum solution for every building component.


Products for indoor use and for areas not exposed to moisture (interior).

The Interdens range mainly consists of phosphate-based fire protection products that have gained a first-class reputation through their outstanding expanding capabilities and the excellent insulating properties of the resultant foam. Foam expansion occurs without pressure.

The range contains the following selection of products:

Interdens® Type 5
Interdens® Type 15
Interdens® Type 36
Interdens® F
Interdens® FD
Interdens® FD-L
Interdens® F-M1
Interdens® Heatseal
Interdens® Palusol®


Product that can be used outdoors and in areas with increased exposure to moisture (exterior).

The Exterdens® range consists of premium fire protection products based on expandable graphite. Due to the intrinsic properties of expandable graphite, Exterdens® products generate expansion pressure when they expand, enabling them to be applied under other layers, such as veneer, for instance. 

The range contains the following selection of products:

Exterdens® FB
Exterdens® F-M1
Exterdens® F-D
Exterdens® F-DL

Interdens® and Exterdens® fire protection products from BASF Wolman GmbH are available in various forms, (sheets, rolls, strips, punched parts etc.), colours and versions (flexible, rigid, self-adhesive etc.).
For more detailed information on Wolman fire protection products click here: 

product range fire protection (pdf)  

For further information or assistance in selecting the product most suitable for your application please consult our Technical service.


Fire retardant sheets in different versions

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