Wolman - Fire protection

To protect the lives and health of man and animals and to safeguard property, buildings, industrial installations or means of transport must comply with the demands of fire safety regulations.
These legal regulations include minimum requirements for the reaction to fire behaviour of building materials as well as the fire resistance of building components, both of which have to be demonstrated according to national resp. European fire testing standards and corresponding classifications.

Through compliance with the legal requirements and the use of appropriate construction products within the scope of passive fire protection measures the formation, development and spreading of fire and smoke within a building as well as the flashing over to neighbourhood buildings will be prevented or at least significantly delayed, thus providing the time necessary to take active fire-fighting measures to save lives and property.

With its fire protection products Wolman offers innovative solutions to satisfy the existing legal requirements.

Fire protection for wood

By using our fire retardant products from the product range Wolmanit®, wood and wood-based materials will effectively be protected from the impact of fire and radiant heat.

Improving the fire resistance of building components

By applying our intumescent fire protection products Interdens® and Exterdens®, the fire resistance of building components can effectively be enhanced.