Wolmanit® Firestop

Wolmanit® Firestop is a fire retardant product based on phosphorous compounds especially developed for the vacuum pressure treatment of wood and wood-based materials. Penetrating deeply into the wood by means of vacuum pressure treatment, Wolmanit® Firestop enables the attainment of the best possible fire classifications for combustible materials.

Wolmanit® Firestop treated wood and wood-based materials have successfully been tested and classified according to various international fire standards for building materials, e.g. EN 13501-1 (Euroclass B-s2,d0), DIN 4102-T1 (class B1 – flame resistant (schwerentflammbar)) and their applicability in areas with increased fire safety demands in accordance with effective building regulations is attested by the existing classification reports.

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Wolmanit® Antiflamm

Wolmanit® Antiflamm is a fire retardant intumescent coating to improve the reaction to fire behaviour of wood and wood-based materials. While Wolmanit® Firestop penetrates deeply into the timber by means of vacuum pressure treatment, Wolmanit® Antiflamm is applied onto the timber surface superficially. In the event of a fire Wolmanit® Antiflamm forms an effective foam barrier, which protects the wooden substrate from the impact of fire and radiant heat.