Fundamental principles

With innovative products and services, we want to offer our customers highly efficient, competitive solutions for wood preservation and fire protection.

Leaders of innovation

We develop modern products and solutions for our customers and, in doing so we attach great importance to a favourable environmental profile. We consciously phase out older products in favour of new formulas using modern active ingredients and raw materials.
We work together, as a team. Intercultural competence is the advantage we have in global competition.

In partnership with our customers

We help our customers to be more successful. To achieve this, we develop products, processes and services of a high scientific and technical standard, and mobilise all the resources at our disposal to guarantee a successful partnership.
We support both customers and suppliers in the endeavour to ensure the products they purchase from us, or supply to us, are handled safely and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Responsible® Care

We are committed to the interests of our customers and employees and take on social responsibility.
We take action responsibly, in keeping with the spirit of Responsible Care®. Economics does not take precedence over safety and the protection of health and the environment.
We treat people fairly and with respect. We seek open, trusting dialogue within our company, with our business partners and with relevant groups in society. We encourage our employees to put their creativity and their full potential into achieving success for the company, from which we can all benefit.
We act in accordance with our own words and values. We respect the laws and the generally accepted customs of the countries we operate in.
We demand and we promote a safety, health and environmental awareness in all our employees. By agreeing on targets, we aim to achieve continuous improvement..
We make products that are safe to manufacture, to use, to recycle and to dispose of.
We support our customers in the mutual endeavour to secure the safe and environmentally friendly re-use of these products.
We want to ensure that in the manufacturing, storage, transport, distribution, use and disposal of our products, the burden on mankind and the environment is kept to a minimum.

Quality Management System

We are certified according to the new quality management system standard DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015. The ISO certification confirms the high priority of product quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. Our customers can rely on us that we implement all corporate processes according to international standards and that we are able to guarantee these also in the future through regular audits.

The ISO 9001: 2015 certificate can be downloaded here.


Wolman's commitment to the
VCI - Responsible® Care guidelines

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